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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture continues its campaign to promote peace among students, with the staging of the annual peace concert tomorrow, March 23 at Emancipation Park under the theme: Nurturing a Peaceful Society.
For the past three years, the Ministry has been involved in organizing peace concerts in all six education regions, and has focused its attention on students, who have lost loved ones through acts of violence.
Speaking with JIS News, Guidance and Counselling Officer, Mavis Fuller, said that by organizing a concert of this nature, “we are saying to the society, we are sharing in the pain of our students as we really want to plead to the Jamaican society for peace and love.”
“This year,” she continued, “we are making it a much broader focus. We are saying in a much more deliberate way we want to nurture a peaceful society.”
The concert will not only take the format of songs and dances, but will include a number of peace messages by students. “It’s always good to hear the voices of our children speaking to the nation and we are hoping that as they speak, persons will again be challenged and transformation may take place in some subtle, quiet way,” she expressed.
Although the main target audience is students, Ms. Fuller said that, “adults are largely responsible for a lot of what happens even with our children, so the message is to all and sundry.”
She informed that since the last concert, “the situation has not changed because we have lost over 100 students over the past months therefore, we need to continue to highlight the desire to have a peaceful society”.
Ms. Fuller noted that “we are the makers of peace and it’s not the other man. It all begins with us therefore we should stop, think and remember that as adults, we are responsible for teaching our children how to live peaceably”.
The Education Minister is expected to address the gathering, while performers will include safe schools’ ambassador Abijah, the Tivoli Dancers, Chosen Vessel among others. The event is scheduled to commence at 2:30 p.m.

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