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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture has responded positively to a formal request by the Government of Botswana to have their students trained in tertiary institutions in Jamaica.
Senator Noel Monteith, State Minister in the Ministry, has also said that the Ministry would be willing to work with that Government in the training of students in tertiary institutions here as well as in the recruitment of teachers to teach in Botswana.
His Excellency Alfred Mayaje Dube, Non- Resident High Commissioner of Botswana to Jamaica, made the official request during a call on Senator Monteith at the Ministry’s Heroes Circle offices in Kingston yesterday (February 10).
The High Commissioner in making the request, said Botswana was very interested in Jamaica’s education system, not just in recruiting teachers but also in placing students in institutions here.
He noted that over the years, Botswana has seen a huge explosion in its secondary graduates. However, the country has only one university to accommodate these students. The university also enrolls students from smaller African states, such as Mozambique and Namibia, hence the need for more space for students who wish to pursue tertiary studies.
Mr. Dube also commended Jamaican teachers for making a big difference in the education system of Botswana, especially in the areas of Science and Mathematics. Senator Monteith thanked the High Commissioner for his commendation of Jamaican teachers and the country’s education system.
Jamaica and Botswana have had an on-going relationship for 25 years. There are 30 Jamaican teachers in Botswana, and several students from that country are studying at the University of the West Indies at the Mona and St. Augustine campuses.
Botswana is one of the wealthiest and fastest growing countries in Africa and the World. Its main source of wealth is diamond that now accounts for 80 per cent of its exports.

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