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Twenty-four parents from Kingston and St. Andrew were recognised for outstanding contribution to their children’s development at a Parent Award ceremony at the Medallion Hall Hotel in Kingston yesterday (Nov. 28).
Guest Speaker at the function, educator, Dr. Davidson Daway congratulated the parents and urged them to encourage their children to achieve their full potential.
“If they say to you I want to be a scientists see them as a scientists, set goals for your children, be nice to them, be good to them and encourage them. If you did not encourage your child, your child will always remember you and sometimes the memories that they have will cause them to ill treat you,” she said.
Dr. Daway emphasised that it was important for parents to love their children and place them before everyone else. ” Men, there is no woman who is worth more than your children, women there is no man worth more than your children. Do what is takes do make your children wholesome, do what it takes to make them somebody because they are somebody,” he urged.
Meanwhile, Acting Regional Director of the Ministry of Education and Youth’s Region One, Vilma Blair, noted that was very important to encourage good parents to continue to play a key role in the development of their children, and that the parent award ceremony was intended to do just that.
Miss. Blair explained that the awardees were selected based on their participation in the development of the community and the school; contribution to the academic development of their child/children; assisting other parents in their parenting role; assisting in the academic development of non-biological child/children and ensuring that students attend school, and are given their basic necessities to promote learning.
Demsha Thompson whose two sons attended St.Aloysius Primary School received the Most Outstanding Father award, and Donna Adams, whose daughter attends St. George’s Girl Primary and Infant School copped the award for the Most Outstanding Mother.
Mr. Thompson noted that he was very happy that he was selected for the award and urged fathers to be more involved in the academic lives of their children. “I feel great that I got this award, it was a lot of hard work and dedication, and although it took a lot out of me I have to assist the school. Fathers need to be more active in the schools, especially at St. Aloysius, the majority of the teaching population are female.and the boys need male role models. Sometimes as a man you get a better response from the children,” he said.
Miss. Adams also expressed her appreciation. “I am humbled by this award.it is not just teachers alone that are a part of the school community, as parents we have a role to play. I did not really expect to get an award but I did,” she said.
The awards ceremony was a joint effort between the Ministry of Education and Youth and the Coalition for Better Parenting (CBP). The fuction was held under the theme ‘Parents: Today You Guide .Tomorrow They Lead’.

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