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The Ministry of Education is moving to improve sanitation in primary schools, after four cases of hand, foot and mouth disease was confirmed at a Corporate Area preparatory school.
In an interview with JIS News, Director of Communications in the Ministry, Mr. Colin Blair, said all regional offices have been notified and steps have been taken to identify all schools which do not have access to running water.
“Those that do not have running water, we are dispatching sanitisers to those schools and we are also identifying schools which need their toilet facilities upgraded. We’re trying to get these on a list to place in order of priority, and then deal with them,” he said.
Mr. Blair added that the Ministry is working closely with the Ministry of Health, which is taking the lead in containing the spread of the illness.
“They have advised us that sanitation is paramount, which is why we are taking the steps to ensure that schools have hand santisers, and identifying those with the need to improve their toilet facilities. So, we are working with them to ensure that we keep this hand, foot and mouth disease under control,” the Director of Communications said.
Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral illness common in infants and children. It causes fever and blister-like eruptions in the mouth, usually on the tongue, gum and inside the cheek and/or a rash on the skin.
Other symptoms include malaise, poor appetite and sore throat. Infection is easily spread from person to person, as a result of direct contact with infectious virus found in the nose and throat secretions, saliva, blister fluid, and stool of infected persons.
Parents are being urged to keep children at home for at least seven days if they are experiencing any of these symptoms, or if they have flu like symptoms. Schools are advised to contact their parish health department if a child is found to have any of these symptoms.

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