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The Ministry of Education is reminding parents and guardians of students who sat the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) that transfers are NOT normally accommodated.
However, where parents or guardians have genuine reasons, such as their relocation from one area of the country to another, they can ask for transfers, but they are NOT to approach the Ministry as a first step in requesting transfers of their children.
Parents or guardians who want to move their children from schools to which they were assigned through the GSAT are to follow a number of steps.
The first step is for a parent or guardian to approach the school they want their child to attend, and seek the institution’s acceptance. If the child can be accommodated, the parents or guardians are to get an acceptance letter from the principal. They are then to get a release letter from the school at which the child was placed.
The parents or guardians should then send a copy of the acceptance letter, a copy of the release letter and a copy of a letter of request asking for approval of the transfer to the Senior Education Officer, Secondary, in the regional office. A letter of approval will then be sent by the Ministry of Education to the parents or guardians and copied to the accepting and releasing schools.
The results of the GSAT are to be released to schools on June 10, 2009.
The results will indicate the Grade 7 placements assigned to all 47,815 candidates who sat the examination on March 26 and 27, 2009.
Parents and guardians are to report to the school their child currently attends for the examination results.
Scholarships awarded on the basis of performance on the GSAT and on criteria established by sponsoring bodies will be published within two weeks of the release of the results.

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