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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture will be carrying out repairs on a number of institutions to get them in good condition for the start of the school year.
Lauriston Wilson, Acting Director of Project Management and Technical Services in the Ministry, said that focus would be placed on those schools “most at risk” and where the public health authorities have informed the Ministry of Education that certain defects existed.
He told JIS News, that working through the Education Transformation Team and the Office of National Reconstruction (ONR), “we have identified over 200 schools in need of repairs”. He said that contracts have been awarded for work to be done on 60 institutions and “focus will continue on this area, as an ongoing activity”.
Moving on to budgetary allocations for incidental repairs, the Project Manager said, “we have prepared the paperwork for the usual special maintenance grants to all schools. We expect to have those cheques drawn in the month of August.”
He noted that the grant was relatively small and was to be used for minor repairs that may be needed.

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