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The Ministry of Education is working to ensure that schools have sufficient water to continue to operate during the prolonged drought period.
Part of the measures involves partnering with the National Water Commission (NWC) to truck water to schools, said Director of Communications at the Ministry, Mr. Colin Blair.
“Schools and public service facilities are treated as priority and so whenever NWC can help, it does provide schools with water,” he said, noting that some schools make their own private arrangements to get water.
Mr. Blair told JIS News that the efforts are being made by the Ministry to improve water storage facilities at various schools.
“We have also been doing some work in improving the storage capacity of schools, for example, in region two, we spent close to a $1million to purchase water tanks. We are also looking at purchasing water tanks for other schools in other regions,” he informed.
Several schools have also taken steps to reduce water usage, by staggering the times during which students go on breaks.
“What we have noticed is that when all students go out at the same time, they turn on the pipes and leave them running and talk, and that helps to waste the water. So, by cutting down the time in which they have access to the water we can save water,” Mr. Blair reasoned.
Students are also encouraged to take water to school for drinking purposes.

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