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Education Minister Andrew Holness today (January 14, 2009) met with the leadership of the Heritage International Scholarship Foundation, a Canadian-based non-profit organisation, to discuss funding options for higher education in Jamaica. According to the President of the organisation, Mr Jason Macquire, the organisation has been providing educational funding to Jamaican families since 1992 through its Education Savings Plan (ESP).
This plan requires savings over a period of time with the principal being returned, when the child is ready for post-secondary education. Among the benefits highlighted were a return on the principal during the 1st year of the child’s tertiary education and interest on investment in addition to scholarship benefits during the remaining years.
The Minister of Education endorsed the concept presented by Heritage International and stated that under the impending National Parenting Policy, one of the concepts being promoted is the need for parents to begin planning for their child/children’s higher education from as early as birth, to ensure that their children get the best possible opportunities availbale.
According to Minister Holness, several valuable lessons can be learnt from the Heritage model, however the most important one being that of forward planning for your child’s education.

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