JIS News

Education Minister, Rev. the Hon. Ronald Thwaites, has commended Jamaica College (JC) on its self- reliance in undertaking a number of development projects.

He expressed the hope that this measure of self-support “will in fact be infectious to the rest of the school system in Jamaica.”

The Education Minister was speaking on Thursday (Jan. 31), at the opening of an apartment building at the school’s Old Hope Road campus. Twelve teachers will occupy the one bedroom units in the ‘Drax Lodge Apartment Building’, which were constructed at a cost of approximately $52 million.

Minister Thwaites expressed great appreciation for the efforts “of the JC partnership in all that you have done, that which you celebrate today and that which you have already established and will go on to do”.

He challenged the school community to extend its brand to another campus and hinted that another “fine Jamaican high school” will be opening a second campus in a rural area come September.

Chairman of the Jamaica College Foundation, Dr. the Hon. R. Danny Williams, explained that the Foundation received a $45 million loan from the National Housing Trust (NHT), which formed the bulk of the funding for the facility.

He thanked the many Old Boys, who made the project possible by contributing in cash and kind and informed that many of them had essentially given free service.

Mr. Williams explained that the Foundation identified housing as a key area that needed to be addressed at the school.