JIS News

The Government is committed to “positioning our economy to take full advantage of the eventual upturn in the global economy”, said Finance and the Public Service Minister, Audley Shaw.
He was addressing the recent ground breaking ceremony for a business complex for Stocks and Securities Limited held recently in Kingston.
The Minister emphasised that in order to rebuild the foundation for a vibrant and competitive economy, the Government has designed programmes relating to “fiscal sustainability; efficiency of financial management and budget processes; reform of tax administration and revenue collection; education transformation; public financial and performance management; road infrastructure; and enhancing Jamaica’s competitiveness.”
The Minister also disclosed that the programmes were being implemented through the passage of appropriate legislation and the tightening of administration and accountability.
“The programmes are designed to achieve: a disciplined approach to fiscal and debt management; a sound predictable macro-economic policy framework; a simplified and competitive tax system; a modernised labour market geared towards high levels of productivity; and a business-friendly bureaucracy with intolerance for corruption,” he said.
The Minister observed that while Jamaica’s policies enjoyed the support of its international development partners, who have committed substantial funds to Jamaica’s development, what was needed was the increased confidence and support of “our local partners … the citizens of Jamaica.”