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Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Mike Henry, has said that the Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) for the rehabilitation of the railway in Jamaica, while not finalised, is “very favourable” in terms of the impact on economic development.
“I must say that the Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) study is very favourable, as it relates very strongly on the impact the railway will have on our gross domestic product (GDP) and on our growth across the island,” he stated.
Minister Henry, who is in London England this week, leading Jamaica’s delegation at the 26th International Maritime Organization (IMO) Assembly, told JIS News that he has had meetings in London to discuss the study.
He has also met with other parties interested in the development of the island’s railway service, and will be holding follow up meetings in Jamaica next week, with the company conducting the EIA, to take these discussions further.
“What I must now take to the Cabinet is an analysis of the economic impact and what impact, if any, the railway rehabilitation will have on the commitments of the Government and its economic situation,” the Minister said, adding that he will also be looking at other business studies.
The Transport Minister told JIS News that he will be able to make a more structured comment on the railway rehabilitation process by the end of December or in January next year.
The passenger rail service in Jamaica was suspended more than 15 years ago. The Government has been working to rehabilitate the service including the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Chinese Government.
The Transport and Works Minister said the railway is an important part of the multi-modal transportation plan that will integrate road, rail, sea and air and play an important part in the country’s economic development.

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