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The Government has developed an economic framework in an effort to improve the quality of governance in the country.
The framework will address key areas such as controlling public sector debt; rationalising public bodies; improving Central Government financial management and budget processes; increasing revenue collection; increasing growth and competitiveness; and managing the public sector wage bill.
Minister of Finance and the Public Sector, Hon. Audley Shaw, speaking at the opening the 2009/10 budget debate in House of Representatives on April 23, said that the reform is in support of the core economic framework, to which the Government is committed.
These include: a sound predictable macro-economic policy; disciplined and strong fiscal management of the economy; a tax system that is simplified and equitable; a modernised labour market geared toward high levels of productivity; a simplified business-friendly bureaucracy; effective measures to prevent corruption and fight crime; and a supportive infrastructure.
In the meantime, Minister Shaw noted that the current economic crisis “provides a wake up call to every Jamaican in this country. It also presents an opportunity to focus our collective efforts on addressing these issues ahead.”

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