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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding is convinced that what this economic crisis has brought upon the country is the absolute need for transformation.
This was the message he delivered as he addressed the official opening of the Scotiabank Group Financial Centre in Kingston, on August 20.
“We didn’t get into a crisis when the crisis came; we’ve been in a crisis a long time. The global economic downturn may have exacerbated that crisis, but if it does any good for us any at all, it may force us to confront those issues that we have always felt we can push aside. I think it has visited us with a compelling urgency and immediacy that we can no longer have any arbitrary capacity to defer,” explained Mr. Golding.
In light of this, the Prime Minister noted that the Government is embarking on a process of transformation. He said this process will be hard work and calls for sacrifice, understanding and an abundance of faith from the Jamaican people.
“I think we have to make sure that we get it right and it is in this regard that I want to hope and I do in fact expect that Scotiabank, which has been with us for a hundred and twenty years, will be with us as we tackle the challenges that lie ahead,” the Prime Minister said.
Mr. Golding said he has faith in Jamaica and believes that even though the days are dark, there is a horizon ahead which he hopes Scotiabank will be able to help the country to reach.

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