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Prime Minister, Hon. Bruce Golding, on Wednesday (July 28) announced that the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) has finalised its recommendations for regulations governing political party financing.
Mr. Golding, who was speaking during a recent sitting of the House of Representatives, stated that the recommendations have been accepted by both political parties.
“I had hoped that the report could have reached Parliament before the (summer) recess so we could have had the time to study it, but I expect that it would be with us the moment we resume and it’s a matter that I hope we will take up early after the resumption,” Mr. Golding said.
On another matter, the Prime Minister informed that the proposed Charter of Rights Bill has been redrafted. The passage of the Bill was suspended earlier this year after several concerns were raised by the Opposition.
“We took counsel and I will today (July 29), submit (the Bill) to the Leader of the Opposition for her examination. The redrafted Bill, we believe, captures all of the issues that have been made and I would very much wish that we could have that Bill introduced to Parliament as early as possible in September,” Mr. Golding said.
“I believe that both sides would want to see to what extent we can have that Charter of Rights and the provisions therein, brought into the Constitution before Parliament is prorogued at the end of the legislative year,” he added.
The Charter of Rights Bill will repeal and replace chapter three of the Constitution and make provisions for life, liberty and security of individuals, freedom of expression, assembly and association, and respect for private and family life.

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