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    The Clarendon-based Ebony Park HEART Academy on Friday (March 5) unveiled its agro eco-tourism project, which is a combination of nature and farm-related activities to attract locals and visitors to the island.
    The launch was held during Farm Fest 2010, which is Ebony Park’s annual agricultural show.
    Through the project, visitors are encouraged to experience agricultural life firsthand and participate in activities such as horseback riding, nature trail, fishing, animal petting, bird watching, and a variety of outdoor activities.
    Chief Technical Director in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr. Marc Panton, commended Ebony Park for undertaking the project, noting that agro eco-tourism ventures hold “huge potential” for Jamaica.
    “We are uniquely poised to utilise our natural resources to increase the income of our farmers, communities and by extension our economy. As a government, we must do more to explore these untapped resources to the betterment of both the agriculture and tourism sectors,” he stated.
    “We should not only aim to (provide) visitors with enriching, enjoyable and exciting visiting experiences at our luxurious hotels, but in areas that are distinctly and authentically Jamaican. This experience is available through the avenue of agro-tourism,” he added.
    Governor-General, His Excellency The Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, commended the staff and students involved in the project, noting that it will attract locals and overseas visitors, who are interested in the blend of agriculture and nature tourism activities.
    In the meantime, he called on the students of Ebony Pak to use the training offered at the institution to help develop the country’s agricultural industry and enhance food security.
    “Young can glean inspiration. (on) how you can contribute through agriculture, which is indispensable to the growth and development of this country. We cannot grow and develop properly if we cannot feed ourselves. We must feed ourselves,” he stated.
    Farm Fest 2010, which was held under the theme: ‘Creating Pathways For Sustainable Development,’ showcased the best of farm produce and agricultural production practices at the institution.
    Patrons enjoyed a farmers market, farm tours, live demonstrations of farm practices, fishing, horseback riding, and a kiddies’ corner.
    Ebony Park HEART Academy is a residential institution for agricultural training, offering specialised skills in areas such as crop and livestock production, horticulture, aquaculture, apiary, food preservation and management, and farm equipment servicing and operations.

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