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Persons from Bluefields, and adjoining communities in eastern Westmoreland, took to the streets recently to clean approximately three and a half miles of garbage from the roadway, under the theme ‘Bluefields beauty is our duty’.
Participants in the Bluefields Peoples’ Community Association (BPCA) Annual Environmental Summer Camp, now in progress in the community, took the lead in constructing anti-litter signs and banners and took on the task under the slogan, ‘Bluefields united against littering’.
They were joined by other community members, and youths from across the targeted area, in cleaning garbage from the roadways. They were also able to raise the awareness of citizens about the care, protection and preservation of the environment and the critical role they can play.
Chairman of BPCA and co-ordinator of the summer programme, Keith Wedderburn, told JIS News that, unlike other communities faced with solid waste challenges, the organisation was demonstrating a kind of “hands-on approach” expected to have a positive effect, in the long run, and encourage behavioural changes among residents.
“Through the participation of youths and adults alike, from the annual summer camp, it is hoped that young people and citizens will become more involved in the life of their communities and, eventually, take on special projects that would have greater economic value in their respective areas,” he said.
He stated that, in September, the BPCA hopes to continue its collaboration with members of the Bluefields community, and participate in an annual International Coastal Clean-up. The BPCA also hopes to step up its environmental education programme, via presentations in schools and environmental tours.
Mr. Wedderburn said that the association plans to launch the Bluefields Environmental Poster Competition in October, with students aged 3-16 participating.
He also expressed the hope that the programmes and initiatives of the BPCA would go a far way in bringing inspiration and hope to other communities with similar challenges.

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