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Residents of St. Thomas will be restoring the Easington Memorial Park in Yallahs, for Labour Day.
The St. Thomas Labour Day Planning Committee has chosen this activity as the parish project from the over 170 projects that were submitted. Sixty-nine of these were from Western St Thomas, while 51 were from the Eastern side of the parish.
His Worship the Mayor of Morant Bay, Councillor Hanif Brown told JIS News that the parish project was chosen because of its historical significance. He noted that the park was the site where National Hero Paul Bogle and his men rested during their march from Stony Gut, St. Thomas to Spanish Town St. Catherine during the famous Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865.
He said that work, which will be spearheaded by the Yallahs Area Development Committee, includes the fencing, painting and beautification of the compound. The Mayor noted that residents had made some effort in the past to restore the park.
“Over a period of time we intend to incorporate the work that is going on there to link with Stony Gut as we are now working towards developing the old Court House Square into a heritage village,” he said, adding that there was an effort being made by the St Thomas Parish Council to restore historical sites in the parish.
According to Mayor Brown, some $40,000 from funds received from the National Labour Day Secretariat in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, has been committed towards the project through the Council. In addition, the committee has received $100,000 from the National Labour Day Secretariat and $78,000 from private sector entities and individuals.
“We are still hopeful that the private sector interest will continue to make their contribution,” he added.
Among the projects registered by the committee were the refurbishing of the Yallahs Post Office, the construction of a bus shed project in Trinityville, repairs to an indigent house in White Horses, and the beautification of the Rudolph Elder Park in Morant Bay.
Six projects have been selected this year for Labour Day, which is being celebrated on Monday, May 25. These are the installation of a multi-purpose court in Riversdale, St. Catherine; sprucing up of the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital, St. Ann; resuscitation of the Blue Hole Nature Park in Montpelier, St. James; the Lucea Fire Station office expansion in Hanover; the starting up of a Tissue Culture Ginger Project at Top Alston, Clarendon; and the refurbishing of the Belle Isle Community Centre and Grange Hill Comprehensive High School in Westmoreland.

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