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A literary and pictorial exhibition on earthquakes in Jamaica opened yesterday (Jan. 12) at the Hanover Parish Library in Lucea.
Included are books and posters, which explain how an earthquake occurs, major quakes in Jamaica and their effects, emergency services, and the need to be prepared.
The exhibition, which is open to the public, forms part of activities in the parish to mark Earthquake Awareness Week from January 9 to 15 under the theme: ‘Learn, Plan, Prepare…The next big quake could be near’.
It will run at the parish library for one week, after which it will be moved to the branch library in Jericho.

Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for Hanover, Olga Fae-Headley (right), points out features on earthquake posters to students of schools in the parish. Occasion was an exhibition on earthquakes, which opened yesterday (Jan.12) at the Hanover Parish Library in Lucea.

Chief Librarian, Kelonie Noble, in her remarks to the students and teachers, who attended the opening ceremony, emphasised the need for preparedness as earthquakes could not be forecasted.
She further encouraged persons to use every opportunity to sensitise themselves about what to do and what not to do in case of an earthquake, and share the knowledge with others.
Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator for the parish, Olga Fae-Headley, in declaring the exhibition open, pointed out that her office will be placing emphasis on earthquake awareness as part of its education campaign for the month of January.
The education programme, she informed, will include visits to several schools, community organisations and businesses, and evacuation drills.
She also stressed the need to be prepared. “Unlike hurricanes that have a season, earthquakes can occur at any time and indeed, they have occurred in just about every month of the year,” she pointed out.

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