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Residents of Falmouth and adjoining communities in Trelawny are benefitting from a public education campaign aimed at increasing their awareness about earthquakes and to arm them with preparedness strategies.
The campaign, which is being carried out by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) in collaboration with the Trelawny Parish Council, got underway in December but has been intensified for Earthquake Awareness Week observances from January 9-15.
A series of activities including sensitisation lectures at schools, in communities and at business places, exhibitions and simulation exercises, are being carried out under the theme: ‘Learn, plan, prepare … the next big quake could be near’.
Chairman of the parish’s Disaster Preparedness Committee His Worship the Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Colin Gager, told JIS News that the events have been successful so far.
“Schools in the parish have been very accommodating of the activities and “this gives the assurance that our youths are receiving the necessary education on earthquakes and how they can be more prepared for such disasters,” he said.

Library Assistant, Sydonie Codling (left) points out an interesting feature of the library’s earthquake display to Librarian, Elton Brown. The exhibition, mounted by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), is in observance of Earthquake Awareness Week from January 9 – 15 under the theme: ‘Learn, plan, prepare … the next big quake could be near’.

He informed further that many persons have been viewing the earthquake exhibitions, which have been mounted at the Trelawny Parish Library, the Falmouth Post Office and the Falmouth headquarters of the Trelawny Fire Brigade.
Councillor Gager told JIS News that a lot of work has been put into enhancing the parish’s readiness for disaster, including earthquakes.
“We feel satisfied and very confident as we have done all that we needed to do. All our shelters are in place and emergency supplies are in storage and all in all, we are in ‘A’ position right now. I would, however, urge citizens to continue to make good use of the available information, so that if and when we are caught in a disaster, we can put all mitigating instructions into practice,” he urged.
Library Assistant at the Trelawny Parish Library, Sydonie Codling, told JIS News that residents have been showing keen interest in the earthquake display.
“During this period of the year, natural disasters are more prevalent and therefore, it is very important for people to gain adequate knowledge as to the prevention and emergency instructions as they relate to their safety, so here at the Trelawny Parish Library, it is a great pleasure for us to assist in making the information available to all,” she said.

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