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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Early Stimulation Programme will be relocated to premises at 1 Goodwill Avenue in Kingston at a cost of $7 million.
Minister of Information, Senator Burchell Whiteman, who made the disclosure at the March 15 post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, said that Cabinet had approved the acquisition of the property, as the present location at 95 Hanover Street in Kingston was inadequate to accommodate the expanding programme.
Mr. Whiteman said that the building that was being acquired had the requisite size with a large open area for recreational purposes.
The acquisition of the premises is being financed through the Margaret Moody Fund, which currently stands at $15 million. Margaret Moody was a nurse who had bequeathed a certain sum of money to support activities dedicated to the care of children with disabilities.
The Early Stimulation Programme fosters the development of children with disabilities, from birth to six years. It is done through an internationally accredited programme of early intervention, stimulation and socialization.
Senator Whiteman said that the programme was very useful, adding that, “it has been proven very clearly that early stimulation of those with disabilities does provide the children with a better chance of being mainstreamed in school and in the society at an early age”.
Currently, there are over 400 children who are a part of the programme.

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