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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security is advising National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pensioners that they will be able to encash, as of Thursday, September 3, all pension vouchers with payable dates of September 2020.

The early encashment is available only at post offices.

The National Commercial Bank (NCB) has advised that it will no longer encash pension order vouchers.

Director of National Insurance at the Ministry, Portia Magnus, told JIS News that in light of NCB’s decision to discontinue pension vouchers encashment, the Ministry is looking at alternative payment options for NIS pensioners.

Meanwhile, she is encouraging pensioners to sign up with the NIS’s Direct Deposit Payment system. This allows for NIS pensions to be deposited directly to their bank accounts.

The NIS Direct Deposit Information Form is available at the Ministry’s parish offices. The form may also be downloaded from the Ministry’s website, mlss.gov.jm.

For more information, persons may contact the NIS office at (876) 929-7177 or the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (Social Security Division) (876) 922-8000-13, (888) 991-2089 (Toll Free) or email mlssprunit@gmail.com.

The early encashment of vouchers initiative is set to continue until December 2020, as part of the Ministry’s efforts to ensure that pensioners have access to their benefits during the COVID-19 crisis.

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