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Some 500 students from early childhood institutions across St. James have been presented with text books by the newly established Palmyra Foundation, which is based in Rose Hall, St. James. The distribution of the text books was carried out at the St. James Infant School in Montego Bay, on (Aug. 30). Over 15,000 books are to be distributed during the new school year by the Foundation.
The Palmyra Foundation, which was officially launched in June this year, has so far raised $4.4 million. Its ultimate goal is to supply all 40,000 early childhood students in St. James with the required textbooks, uniforms, school lunches and other related materials.
In making the presentations to students, Chairman of the Palmyra Foundation, Kathi Constanzo said that the group was convinced that there was a genuine need among students across the country and that the Foundation would ensure that their needs are met.
“We at the Palmyra Foundation want to make a difference in the educational development of these beautiful children. We believe that every child has a success story and these children, when they get older, will be able to take up important jobs in this country, but in order to do so, they need a proper education,” Mrs. Constanzo stressed.
The first set of early childhood institutions to benefit from the text books distribution are: Bickersteth, Cambridge, Catherine Hall, Chatsworth, Goodwill, Green Pond, Montego Bay, Mt. Horeb, Providence Heights, Somerton and Vaughnsfield Infant Departments.

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