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All unregistered early childhood institutions are being advised to sign up with the Early Childhood Commission (ECC) to benefit from existing development programmes and initiatives.
“The ECC is imploring all institutions that cater to children 0-8 years old to come in and register,” said Communications Manager, Marsha Grant.
“We know that it takes some time to get all your documents together but come in and fill out the application form so we know you exist and we can come and work with you to develop your institution,” Miss Grant urged as she addressed a Think Tank held yesterday (January 26) at the Jamaica Information Service’s Half-Way-Tree Road headquarters.
Noting the range of benefits that come with being registered, she said that these include getting development information, constant assessment and advice, and training in the seven areas of early childhood safety.
Miss Grant also implored parents to find out if the institutions their children attend have applied for registration with the ECC. “That gives us the leeway of inspecting the institution to assess the extent to which your child is being properly cared for and has access to the services that he or she needs to develop properly as stipulated by the 12 standards for early childhood institutions,” she informed.
According to the Communications Manager, a permit to operate or a registration certificate cannot be issued until all the documents are in place and the necessary inspections done.
The documents that are to be included in the application are: two passport sized photographs and references for the operator of the institution; food handlers permit; police record and medical certificate for each employee; job name, terms of employment and description of post of all employees; and a report from the Fire Brigade and Public Health Department.
Miss Grant said that institutions are also to provide detail of the proposed structure, floor plan or description of floor plan “so that we know exactly how many rooms there are and how many bathrooms exist”; description of all furniture and equipment; and the type of accommodation for staff and students.
According to Miss Grant the ECC is working with a July timeline for all early childhood institutions to submit their application and be inspected.

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