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President of the Jamaica Gasolene Retailers Association (JGRA) and station operator of Petcom Portmore, Trevor Barnes, has revealed that since the introduction of the new E10 fuel on October 31, his service station has seen a significant increase in business.
“Business has been going very well since the introduction of E10 because we have seen our volumes (in terms of the fuel dispensed) increase by between 50 to 65 per cent when compared to when we were selling regular 87 octane,” he told JIS News.
Continuing, he stated that his station is now reaping the benefits because they took the initiative to introduce E10 from the moment it became available. “One of the reasons for the significant increase is because not all service stations are now selling E10, so as one of the first to be selling it we are reaping the benefits,” he enthused.
Another benefit that the gas station operator highlighted was the fact that due to the processes and standards that must be practised and maintained with the E10 fuel, there is reinforcement of a culture of safety.
“When you are receiving E10 you have to take a lot more preventative measures and that is good in a sense as petrol stations have to be a very safety conscious area and that will also enhance the safety of service stations,” Mr. Barnes explained.
As it relates to the response and attitudes of the customers to E10, Mr. Barnes revealed that most have expressed satisfaction and a high degree of confidence in the fuel.
“The customers have been responding favourably, you hardly have any complaints about E10. I think one and two people might say something has gone amiss but I am certain that it is not due to the E10 but you know sometimes when there is the introduction of a new product if you buy the product and anything happens you feel that that is the cause of it but 99.9 per cent of our customers are happy,” he pointed out.
E10 fuel, a blend of 10 per cent ethanol from sugarcane and 90 per cent 87 octane gasolene, was officially launched on November 1, as part of efforts by Government to provide more environmentally friendly fuel for the transport sector.
It is being introduced on a phased basis starting with service stations in eastern parishes as well as sections of central Jamaica. A number of Total Jamaica, Chevron (Texaco), Cool Petroleum, Epping, and A.D. Hobbins Limited stations are now offering the blend.
The roll out will continue over the first quarter of 2009 in western parishes served by the Petrojam Montego Bay Terminal, currently under construction, and by April 2009, all motorists across the island will be receiving E10 in both 87 and 90 octane fuel.

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