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The e-Learning Jamaica Project has been enhancing the educational environment at deCartertet College in Mandeville, Manchester.
Speaking with JIS News on Monday (March 2), e-learning coordinator at the school, Hans Stevens, said that under the project, the school was given 15 laptops, document cameras, scanners, television sets, camcorders, 70 personal computers equipped with CD-ROM drives and flat screen monitors.
“Currently at deCarteret College, we have 70 PC computers equipped with CD-ROM drives and flat screen monitors, and they are networked to one server. These 70 machines spread across two labs, one with 41 machines and the other with 29 machines,” he said.
He added that the computer labs have also been equipped with air conditioning units and that, under the project, furniture for the labs are to be provided.
Mr. Stevens said that the use of the equipment during lesson delivery has heightened students’ interest in learning, and has also made lesson preparation much easier for teachers.
“The teachers and the students are enjoying using the equipment. The attendance seems much more on the students’ part, because they seem very, very interested in having the equipment in the classroom to enhance their learning. The teachers find it more convenient to use the equipment in the classroom to enhance the handling of their lessons,” he said.
There are two sets of training going on: e-learning is training the teachers in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) so that they can deliver effectively and efficiently in the classroom using the equipment; others are receiving systems administration training, to be able to manage and manipulate the equipment at the school.
Head of the Mathematics Department, Marlon Britton, who is also a systems administrator, said that as part of the e-learning training, they are taught to train other staff members how to use the equipment properly. Many teachers are now able to handle and care the equipment, with relative ease.
The e-Learning Jamaica Project is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Telecommunications and Mining, to implement and utilise information and communication technologies (ICTs) in grades 7-11 of the approximately 165 high schools in Jamaica. This will help, to enhance the teaching/learning process and improve the level of passes in the school-leaving examinations.

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