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Members of the public have welcomed the presence of members of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) on the streets of the Corporate Area.

In a Vox Pop carried out by JIS News on Wednesday (September 26), motorists and pedestrians said that the policemen and policewomen are making a difference in improving public order and traffic flow as major road improvement works continue in Kingston and St. Andrew.

“The flow of traffic has improved with the presence of the police. I am almost back to my normal departure time from home, although I had to change my route to get to work. The police have greatly assisted with the traffic flow and management. I find that the buildup of traffic is less, when officers are present.”

– Stephen Davidson, motorist

“I find that the police are making a difference because they are out there. It’s one of those challenges that you really can’t do anything about based on all the roadworks going on. The traffic is heavy still, because of the roadwork, but we just have to endure until it’s done.

– Sheldon Pinnock, motorist

“The police on Hope Road make a huge difference when they are there. I wish we could have them there every second of every single day. When they are there, you have no taxi creating a big problem. They don’t go into lanes they are not supposed to be going into and then come back over so they can catch the stoplight, which is so annoying. None of that takes place when the police is there. It’s unfortunate that we need them to be there to be disciplined.

– Natalie Davis, pedestrian commuter

“With their presence, the traffic is not bad, much better than previous weeks. They are helpful in moving the traffic along… I travel freely along Red Hills Road. The only traffic is by Lee’s Food Fair to Calabar, but it moves.”

– Melissa Whyte, motorist

“I live in Portmore and I work downtown. The police act as an agent of order. If anything, I get to work earlier because of them.”

– Marc Hart, motorist

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