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A recruitment drive is underway to sign up approximately 10,000 students for the 2010/2011 Career Advancement Programme (CAP), which is scheduled to commence within the next two weeks.
Project Director for CAP in the Ministry of Education, Alan Beckford, told JIS News yesterday (September 14), that “we are now recruiting students, ages 16 to 18, who will be given an opportunity to do two additional years of high school”.
Students wishing to register for the programme are being encouraged to visit any of the participating schools or call the CAP office for details. “We currently have 65 institutions that are offering the programme island wide, so all students need to do if they are interested in the programme is to go to one of the schools and register immediately,” Mr. Beckford informed.
He noted that registration closes for most of the schools in two weeks “but I would recommend that you go now because some of the subject areas are almost full”.
Mr. Beckford advised that there is no entry level requirement for the programme, but once registered, students will sit a diagnostic test. “[This] will say which level you should be, because we have to ensure that you are on the right level so that we are teaching you what you need to learn and you are able to advance in the programme. We don’t want you to be above or below your level,” he explained.
The multi-million dollar CAP, piloted in 11 schools in January, will ensure that students leaving secondary school are literate and numerate, and have some form of technical and vocational qualification for post-secondary study or work.
The programme aims primarily to stem the problem of youth being unattached because of inadequate education and skills.
Participating students do a mix of academic subjects and vocational skills, while benefitting from career counselling and mentorship, and training in life skills, entrepreneurship, and personal development.
“This is a very significant project, so we want to ensure that every Jamaican has an opportunity to benefit from higher education. When you graduate from our programme you will have a level two vocational skill, you will get a HEART/Trust NTA qualification and you will either be able to go into the working world or you can matriculate to the HEART level three courses [and beyond] that are offered which takes you right up to a university degree,” Mr. Beckford stated.
He informed JIS News that the pilot has been a success. “Subscription was fantastic; so far the students have done well. Based on feedback, it has been exceptional and we have had a number of students that are testimony to this. Some of them have been placed in the workplace but most students are very excited about it, it’s very funny how students in a very short period of time turn around their lives,” he boasted.
Persons who need additional information can contact the CAP office at 968-0706 or email cap@moe.gov.jm.

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