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Farmers are to benefit from an upcoming project involving the use of small hand-held tools to assist with land preparation, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton, told a Farmers’ Forum at Town Hall, Guys Hill, St. Catherine, Thursday (June 10).
The Minister said that the tools will be leased to the farmers through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority’s (RADA’s) offices, and in some instances through Production and Marketing Organisations (PMOs).
“These small hand-held tools will be mechanised in many instances and will allow you to do hillside land preparation. You will get some tools like the hand-held tractors that you can manoeuvre and a number of others,” Dr. Tufton told the farmers.
He also presented them with small implements, consisting of cutlasses, machetes, files, shovels and hoes (50 each), which he described as “a little token to encourage you in the field as you conduct your efforts.”
Dr. Tufton also said that the input of farmers is critical in dealing with the issue of praedial larceny, and ensuring the success of the newly launched Praedial Larceny Prevention Programme.
He advised them to get registered and to get ready to use receipt books, which will assist the process, noting that the books will be rolled out again.
“If you are travelling with produce and cannot show ownership for the produce, whether (with) your ID from RADA or your receipt book. the police can take your goods from you,” he said.
The Ministry is collaborating with a number of stakeholders including the Ministries of National Security and Health, Television Jamaica (TVJ) and Crime Stop, to implement the programme.
The Praedial Larceny Prevention Programme will also seek to sensitise the judiciary and police, in order to engender awareness about the seriousness of the act, and to ensure that this is reflected in the enforcement measures adopted by the police.

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