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Ambassador to the United States, Anthony Johnson, has lauded Dr. Alfred Sangster as an outstanding educator, whom Jamaica owes “a tremendous debt of gratitude.”
“There is no doubt that your teaching has impacted many lives. On behalf of the Government of Jamaica, I salute you,” he stated.
Ambassador Johnson was delivering the keynote address at the 5th Anniversary Gala of the Merl Grove High School Alumnae’s Northeastern American Chapter held on Saturday night (July 4) in Virginia, USA.
Scores of past students from Jamaica, the United States, and Canada, attended the function, which was in tribute to the former school board chairman, who gave almost 50 years of dedicated service. Dr. Sangster also served as Principal of the College of Arts, Science, and Technology (CAST), now University of Technology (UTech), from 1970 to 1996.
Ambassador Johnson further commended the Merl Grove Alumnae Association for its loyalty and dedication to its alma mater and for contribution to the institution in the form of scholarships to needy students.
Past student and former Minister of Tourism, Aloun Assamba, also hailed Dr. Sangster for his wise and exemplary leadership.
“Your in-depth understanding and execution of your task as chairman of our school board, your deep commitment, insightful visioning, vantage point management, and faithful tenure, have contributed to making Merl Grove what it is today,” she stated.
At the function, homage was also paid to two past teachers, Zoe Dumas and Shirley Thompson, for long and dedicated service.

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