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Opposition Member of Parliament, Dr. Peter Phillips continued his testimony, on February 18, before the Commission of Enquiry into the extradition of Christopher Coke, at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

While under cross examination by Attorney-at-law representing the Jamaica Labour Party, Frank Phipps, Dr. Phillips againsad that the Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) were not in breach of a person’s Constitutional rights.

“It was part of my responsibility to try to enhance the security of Jamaica and protect it against all threats to the security of the country,” Dr. Phillips said.

Mr. Phipps also asked Dr. Phillips if he was aware of any other extradition request during his term as Minister of National Security for “persons who could be called dons.”

Dr. Phillips responded that there were extradition requests “for persons who were a part of, or who operated criminal organisations.”

During the cross examination, however, Dr. Phillips raised concerns about Mr. Phipps’ line of questioning.

According to Dr. Phillips, he did not like the approach of Mr. Phipps, as “he keeps badgering me to give an answer than the one that I have already given and to ask it each time in a different way.”

However, Chairman of the Commission, Queen’s Counsel, Emil George intervened, noting that Dr. Phillips was getting all the protection he needs from his Counsel, and that he should answer the questions.

A considerable portion of the cross examination was delayed as Counsels argued  over documents that were introduced by Mr. Phipps, which outlined the Opposition engagement of a United States Public Relations firm to handle its media campaign during the 1989 General Elections.  

Dr. Phillips’ attorneys objected, noting that it had nothing to do with the current matters being addressed by the Commission.  Chairman of the Commission, Mr. George intervened by ruling that Mr. Phipps would not be allowed to use the documents at the proceedings.

The Commission of Enquiry will continue on Monday, February 21, 2011 at the Jamaica Conference Centre, with Dr. Phillips continuing his testimony.