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Minister of National Security, Dr. Peter Phillips, has called for more corporate support for the government’s policing strategy, stating that the crime fighting effort required significant investment.”The truth is that security is a costly venture and requires in a real way, significant levels of investments if we are to as a society, keep pace with the threats that we face as it relates to national security.
“Indeed, coming against the recent donation of some $10 million by Cable and Wireless towards the Ministry’s hurricane repair effort, I must say that I remain hopeful that more of our corporate citizens will come on board as we work together to create the environment that will make our force even more productive,’ the Minister stated.
He was speaking recently at the official reopening of the newly refurbished Kendal Police Station in Manchester. The facility, which was extensively damaged during the passage of Hurricane Ivan, was repaired by Windalco at a cost of approximately $900,000.
Dr. Phillips noted that while the government was committed to providing suitable working conditions for the police, there still remained the challenge of supplying them with high cost technological inputs, which would make a dent in sophisticated criminal enterprises.
“In this regard, as Minister, I am pleased with the levels of support and collaboration that we have received from our main foreign counterparts as we strive to combat crime and violence,” he stated.
Dr. Phillips pointed out that under his watch, “significant upgrading” had taken place at a number of stations across the island, with $35 million spent to date to bring the island’s stations up to par.
“Just take a look at Cottage, Christiana, Malvern, Castleton, Retreat, Cross Roads, Junction, Santa Cruz, Pedro Plains, St. Ann’s Bay, Port Royal, May Pen, Darliston, Sandy Bank, San San, Shady Grove, Mountain View, Denham Town, Barracks Road, Matildas Corner, Lucea, Four Paths, Harbour View.work is in progress on many others and the Office of National Reconstruction has another 15 stations that will be repaired under a programme to deal with 79 stations that have to be repaired because of Ivan. So far, we have spent some $26 million on hurricane rehabilitation,” he informed.
“I wish to express my thanks to Windalco for this effort, which was made to upgrade the Kendal Police Station as I am well aware of the conditions that existed after the passage of the hurricane,” he said.
Rehabilitative work done on the station included the replacement of the roof and ceiling, putting in new doors, windows, bathroom and electrical fixtures, replacing the wooden floors with ceramic tiles, and a complete paint job.
To date, Windalco has donated more than $12.1 million to the post hurricane Ivan relief effort.

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