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Opposition spokesman on finance, Dr. Omar Davies, has said that the Opposition stands ready to work with the Government during the current economic crisis, but not without conditions.
“This co-operation and this collaboration cannot be taken for granted. We have certain basis and certain principles on which we work, and we have no hesitation and we have no reservation in saying we speak for those at the bottom of the economic ladder,” he said.
Dr. Davies said was making his contribution to the debate on the 2009/10 First Supplementary Estimates in the House of Representatives, which ended in the early hours of Wednesday morning (September 30).
He said that the Government needed the full support of the country to have the strength to deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He said It was important that the Parliament and the country be brought fully on board in terms of the details of any agreement with the Fund, before it is signed, he argued.
He also noted that it was important for the Government to focus on priority areas, which impact on production and will impact on the social services which are needed “by those at the bottom of the economic ladder.”
The First Supplementary Estimates were approved by the House of Representatives Wednesday morning (September 30). The 2009/10 budget now stands at $561.5 billion, as, in addition to the $6.3 billion already announced, an additional $153.6 million was added to the Ministry of National Security’s budget for its Security Sector Reform Programme during Tuesday’s meeting of the Standing Finance Committee.

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