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OCHO RIOS – Minister of Water and Housing, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, has called on professionals to form alliances with others in their respective fields of study, to create new opportunities for investment and employment.

“The imperative is for you, the professionals at this conference, to initiate a process, to ignite a fire in the hearts of other professionals. The fire must not only be self-sustaining, but lead to the development of a critical mass encompassing all the creative energies and intellectual capabilities of our people,” Dr. Chang said.

He was addressing the 17th Annual International Diabetic Conference’s Sixth Hugh Shearer Memorial Lecture, at the Sunset Jamaica Grand Resort in Ocho Rios on Saturday March 26.

He said that the theme of this lecture, ‘A synergistic convergence – The role of professionals in the Development of Jamaica’, was most appropriate and timely. He noted that former Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Hugh Shearer, in whose memory the lecture is named, firmly believed that unity of purpose should exist in all spheres of endeavour for success.

He pointed out that Mr. Shearer bonded with other individuals, including former Prime Minister and People’s National Party (PNP) leader, the late Michael Manley, and other trade union leaders on countless occasions to present a united front in negotiations with employers.

“I believe that this type of bonding is necessary among employers’ and workers’ organisations, public and private health providers, to treat the problems associated with diabetes,” he said.

Focusing on healthcare, he stated that pioneering work was being done by some of the best professionals to treat diabetes and sickle cell, and to fight the scourge of prostate cancer which has become a serious problem among Jamaican males.

“The unveiling of nutraceutical remedies, made from marine and land based plants, also shows promising signs for the positioning of Jamaica as a health and wellness tourism destination,” he noted.

“Jamaica is ours, we must protect our environment, while guiding the country on a path of sustained growth and development for this and other generations to come,” Dr. Chang said.