JIS News

Jamaican motivational speaker Dr. Ben Henry has teamed with the Values and Attitudes Secretariat to launch his book: How to Become a World-Class Individual: 33 Strategies for Success.
The launch will be held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Wednesday (Nov. 23) at 10:00 a.m., with Information Minister, Senator Burchell Whiteman as the guest speaker.
According to Dr. Henry, the book provides an “author’s philosophy on life” and was born out of a motivational talk he delivered to a number of frontline employees at the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados. The pep talk, Dr. Henry said, received rave reviews and upon his arrival in Jamaica, he decided to make good of the advice to compile the step-by-step guide to success for publication.
He told JIS News that since the book’s publication in August, “it has been a tremendous success.” Everyone, who has bought the book and has read it, like what they read, he said, adding that the publication was accompanied by a workbook that would help the reader to put into action the information garnered from the text.
“I am one of the most driven persons in this world,” Dr. Henry noted. “I am driven by success, enthusiasm for life and the belief that everything is possible. Therefore the aim of the book is to encourage individuals to become professionals,” he added.
Professionalism, he told JIS News, was at the centre of his book, simply because all jobs should be respected.
Not only is professionalism highlighted in the book, but also the need to maintain self-esteem. According to Dr. Henry, self-esteem was closely linked to self-confidence, self-worth and self-respect. “There are certain values that an individual has and you should never allow anyone to compromise those values,” he reiterated.
When quizzed on the difference between his book and the millions of self-help books that now existed, Dr. Henry pointed out, “it is written by a Jamaican, it’s easy to read and is convenient to carry around in a handbag because of its relatively small size, and especially since the strategies described in the book are responsible for his success.”
Member of the Values and Attitude Secretariat, Granville Newell has endorsed the publication, noting that it “provides information, which, if you apply to your life, will help you to be a better person.” Mr. Newell added that the strategies embody values and attitudes that could be adopted to help readers to become better people.
Dr. Henry, who is the Managing Director of Customer Service Academy of Jamaica, a customer service and management consultancy, is also the author of Essentials of Quality Customer Service and Quality Customer Care for the Caribbean, which are required readings for students pursuing the Associate and Bachelors Degrees in Hospitality and Tourism in all community colleges in the Caribbean.
How to Become a World-Class Individual: 33 Strategies for Success, has already attracted the interest of corporate Jamaica as a number of companies including HD Hopwood, Caribbean Producers and Sandals, have indicated their desire to purchase copies as a means of encouraging staff members to become world-class individuals.