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Attorney-at-law Donna Scott-Mottley was sworn in as Government Senator, during today’s (Nov. 3) sitting of the Upper House.
Mrs. Scott-Mottley, who served as a Senator in the early 1990s, is an experienced criminal lawyer, and replaces former Government Senator Keste Miller, who resigned from the chamber last month to take up official duties abroad.
Attorney General and Justice Minister A.J. Nicholson, in noting Mrs. Scott-Mottley’s return to the chamber, said the Senator had simply resumed “her rightful place.” He said that she was not unaccustomed to public service, and added that her valuable contributions to debates were being highly anticipated.
Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Anthony Johnson, also welcomed Mrs. Scott-Mottley’s return to the chamber. Noting her creditable track record of public service, Senator Johnson said that by serving in the Senate, she could further contribute to national development.
Speaking at a later point during the sitting of the Senate, Mrs. Scott-Mottley reinforced her commitment to contributing to the further development of the country’s legislature.

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