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KINGSTON — Over 40 stakeholders, who are frontline responders to incidences of domestic violence, are benefiting from a three-day training workshop organised by the Ministry of National Security.

The workshop, which started on Tuesday (September 27) at the National Housing Trust’s (NHT) Park Boulevard offices, New Kingston, seeks to raise public awareness about domestic violence as well as equip responders with the requisite skills and knowledge to deal with the issue. Proceedings over the three days are being facilitated by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Novelette Grant.

Participants include: police officers, social workers, school guidance counselors, ministers of religion, justices of the peace, community leaders; and health sector workers.

They will focus on a broad range of focus areas include: defining domestic violence; the nature of domestic violence/spousal abuse; warning signs of abuse and violence; gender awareness and sensitivity; empowerment and self esteem/power of self esteem; culture and socialisation; values and attitudes; conflict intervention/communication; victim-friendly responses; pro-arrest policy; and multi-agency work.

Funded under the UNAIDS Programme Acceleration Funds and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the workshop forms part of a broader framework within which the Ministry intends to develop and implement a domestic violence campaign, aimed at enhancing public education and awareness.

It also seeks to develop protocols that will facilitate the coordination of efforts geared towards early identification and response to incidences of domestic violence, and holding perpetrators criminally responsible for their actions.


By Douglas Mcintosh, JIS Reporter

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