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Minister of National Security, Hon. Robert Montague, says the DNA registry is up and running, making it easier to positively identify the real perpetrators of crime.

The Minister, who was speaking at the Jamaica Police Federation’s 74th Joint Central Conference at the Iberostar Hotels and Resorts, St. James, on May 9, said DNA science will enable the police to rely less on fingerprinting to guarantee a positive identification.

He added that the Government has invested in the Institute of Forensic Sciences and Legal Medicine, and that more equipment and more pathologists will be available in the all-out assault against crime.

“This strategy is working. New technology and advancements are allowing us to prepare better cases and enhance our intelligence gathering,” the Minister noted.

“The DNA will now tie them to the crime scene and ensure there is no more escaping on a technicality. It will help us to catch the criminals and bring them to justice. What we are saying to them now is that they can run, but they cannot hide. We will hunt you down and we will find you,” he emphasised.

Mr. Montague said the crime-fighting arsenal of the security forces will be getting another significant boost with the purchase of an additional aircraft, adding to the two ships and aircraft that were recently acquired.

“We intend to purchase another plane to secure our borders and reduce the flow of guns and drugs into Jamaica,” he explained.

Mr. Montague said that during the course of the financial year, the Ministry also intends to repair some 30 stations, while 20 new mobile stations will soon be completed and deployed in hotspots.

“We intend to purchase a suitable hearse, so that we can replace the HIACE bus that is used to take our men and women on their final journey, and we will take possession of 120 pickups and 80 preowned motor cars shortly. We intend to purchase more,” he noted.

Mr. Montague said the Ministry has taken steps to convert more cars to liquefied natural gas (LNG), and has already completed the procurement for the conversion kit. “Some 10 cars are to be converted within the next 30 days,” he noted.

The Minister pointed out that in a recent presentation to Parliament, he highlighted 10 areas that must be addressed to secure the country. “These include public order, corruption, territorial integrity, terrorism, protecting infrastructure, continuation of Government, cybercrimes, education as a tool in the fight against crime, protecting the economy and crime and violence”.

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