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Twenty seven District Constables graduated on Friday (August 14) from a 6-week training programme, conducted at the Jamaica Police Academy, Tranquility Bay Campus, St. Elizabeth.
At the closing ceremony, Training Instructor, Constable Terrence Linton said the District Constables are integral to law enforcement, and as such a training programme had to be designed to adequately address the realisation.
The course started in July, with the aim of dealing with communications skills, tact and ethics in law enforcement, and to enable them to have a broader vision of goal setting and objectives of the organisation, Constable Linton said.
The training component included stress management, protocol and etiquette, the role and primary duties of a District Constable, organisational expectations, customer service and community based policing.
“The learning experience was a rich and rewarding one. It is the fervent wish of the teaching staff at the Jamaica Police Academy, and all stakeholders who have invested in this programme, that all that was taught will be remembered and put into practice,” Constable Linton appealed to the graduates.
Guest speaker at the function and Commandant at the Twickenham Park Police Academy, Bishop Garry Welsh, reminded the District Constables of the training exposure that they received, and cautioned that it was imperative for them to serve with passion and integrity.
“The six-week journey through the basics of law enforcement, was to give you an opportunity to build your capacity as law enforcement practitioners. When you sit in that guardroom, or that guard post, respond to the requests of citizens. Don’t sell yourself short, guard your integrity jealously,” he argued.

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