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Chairman of the National Investment Bank of Jamaica and former Group Managing Director of the National Commercial Bank Mr. Aubyn Hill, will close the final in a panel discussion series hosted by the Cabinet Office on Thursday March 9th when he undertakes an analysis of the developments in Jamaica’s physical and social infrastructure and the linkages that have been created across various sectors in the economy.
Mr. Hill is an accomplished banker whose successful career spans many decades, continents and countries. A graduate of Munro College and the Harvard Business School, Mr. Hill has served in senior positions in the banking industries in Italy, India, Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Kuwait. He returned to Jamaica to lead the NCB management team in 2002 after 25 years in the banking sector overseas. A board member of Nationwide News Network and Jamaica Broilers Group, Aubyn Hill played an instrumental role as Chief Restructuring Officer for the national airline after it was acquired by the government in December 2004.
Joining Mr. Hill on the panel will be the Hon. Robert Pickersgill, Minister of Transport and Works and, Mr. Dennis Morrison, Chief Technical Director in the Development Division of the Cabinet Office.
Minister Pickersgill has held several ministerial portfolio responsibilities including Minister of Public Utilities and Transport and Minister of Mining and Energy. His presentation will set the stage for the discussion, with an examination of how improved road infrastructure and port expansion including the expansion of both international airports, have facilitated development and growth in the economy.
An economist with vast experience in the aluminium industry, Mr. Morrison is also Chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board and the Airports Authority of Jamaica. His presentation will identify the linkages between infrastructural development and investment, a factor that is largely responsible for the high level of foreign direct investment into the country particularly in the tourism industry.
The panel discussion series has attracted nationwide attention since its inception in November 2005. The panel discussion series was organized by the Cabinet Office to analyze Jamaica’s progress toward achieving growth and to determine the next steps to reach our national goals. The series began in November last year and have stimulated public discussion on issues relating to poverty alleviation, governance, Jamaica’s role in the international arena and the impact of information and communication technology on development.
Distinguished panelists have included Sir Shridath Ramphal former Commonwealth Secretary General, Governor General Professor Kenneth Hall and well-known Harvard Professor Calestous Juma. Arising from the recent panel on development of the information and communication technology sector in Jamaica, an institute of science and technology innovation will be established in Jamaica in honour of Prime Minister P.J. Patterson.
The institute will be a locus of collective ideas in science and technology innovation for countries involved in using science and technology as a key tool for development.

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