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The Dispute Resolution Foundation of Jamaica (DRF) will be staging its second annual fundraising concert today (June 1) in an effort to improve its training facilities.
Featuring the Jamaican Folk Singers, the concert will take place at the Wolmer’s Girls School Auditorium, 2 Marescaux Road in Kingston commencing at 5:00 p.m. Tickets cost $1,000 for adults and $500 for children and may be purchased at the DRF or at the school auditorium on Sunday.
Speaking with JIS News, DRF Training Manager, Jennifer Williams explained that the Foundation is attempting to reach a $200,000 target that will greatly boost the training component of the DRF’s responsibilities as it strengthens the use of mediation and other effective methods of preventing and resolving disputes in communities.
According to the Training Manager, “the proceeds of the concert will be used to tile the training room, purchase an overhead projector so that we can make our presentations more visible and also to put a computer in the training room with Internet access so that persons who are away from their offices will be able to stay in touch.”
Since the start of the year, more than 100 persons have benefitted from the training facilities at the DRF with another 25 persons slated to begin in June. One mediation training takes place each month.
In the meantime, Ms. Williams is encouraging everyone to support the concert, which she says is part of a bigger strategy to satisfy the demand for conflict resolution in Jamaica.
“Based on what is happening in our society there is a greater demand for conflict resolution training and so we are working to improve the standard of the DRF and the training facilities. It’s a concert that is also bringing out our Jamaican culture, which of course everybody should be aware of, so everybody is invited to that concert and I promise you that it will be a good performance,” she emphasized.
Some of the sponsors of the event include, Jamaica Biscuits, CARIMED, and Jamaica Beverages. Patrons will also get the opportunity to interact with the staff of the DRF and obtain brochures and other materials on dispute resolution techniques.

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