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The sports department of the Discovery Bay All-age School in St. Ann will be hosting a cultural event, dubbed ‘Culturama 2004’, on the institution’s grounds, on Wednesday, March 31, to help educate young Jamaicans about their culture.
Diedre Pringle, teacher and co-ordinator of the event told JIS News that ‘Culturama 2004’ was aimed at highlighting various aspects of the Jamaican culture including food, music and dance.
She said the event would show the students “where we are coming from so that they will be better able to appreciate their past”, adding that on the day “we will be having different foods such as dokunu, roast breadfruit, roast yam and saltfish, rundown, potato pudding, asham, and fried fish and bammy, among others”.
Miss Pringle said the event would also air music depicting the 60’s to present; dances including reggae and kumina; as well as story telling and a fashion show.
Commenting on how Culturama 2004 was expected to benefit the institution and the wider community, principal of the school, Johnallson Feraria, said the event was being used as an instrument to inculcate in the students, a reality of the components of the Jamaican culture.
Continuing, he said: “For example, they will have a fair view of our ancestors, and be acquainted with the various stages of our history, because most of the children do not know about the type of radio services we use to have, and that the television was not around all the time”.
Mr. Feraria said the cultural experience would therefore, help them understand that “Jamaica, today, has come a far way from what it was previously, and to let them see the struggles and the sufferings that Jamaican people went through to reach this far, in housing, food, telecommunications and the like, so they will appreciate what they have, and build on what they have for the future “.
The proceeds of Culturama 2004 will go towards the improvement of the school’s sanitary conveniences.

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