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The Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing has been allocated $181 million in the 2013/14 Estimates of Expenditure, to commence implementation of a disaster management programme, this year.

The programme aims to develop a comprehensive system for dealing with natural or man-made disasters, through the implementation of preventive measures, public education and planned emergency operations, in an effort to mitigate the likely resulting impact of disasters.

Activities are centred around three sub-programmes which focus on addressing the effects of Hurricane Sandy, as well as flood damage rehabilitation incorporating river training and the cleaning of gullies.

Approximately $100 million of the overall allocation has been earmarked for the Hurricane Sandy sub-programme, which aims to facilitate the completion of payments for works carried out, consequent on the system’s passage in October 2012.

The remaining $81 million is earmarked to carry out activities under the flood damage rehabilitation programme. Of the sum, $50 million will be used to facilitate river training and sea defence works in flood prone areas where serious erosion has occurred.

The other $31 million will be used to effect the cleaning of gullies, ahead of the upcoming hurricane season, which begins on June 1.


By Douglas Mcintosh, JIS Reporter

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