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Co-ordinator of Disaster Preparedness at the St. Elizabeth Parish Council, Renee Bradford-Britton, has reported that the Council is continuing its disaster awareness efforts, through training and simulations, so that the parish can respond effectively to any emergency.
She told JIS News that several vulnerable communities in St. Elizabeth have benefited from projects, geared toward disaster resilience. The projects, she said, were carried out through the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), and several international donor agencies to build community capacity to respond to certain emergencies, thus helping to reduce their vulnerability.
“There has been an ongoing campaign for emergency response, primarily of earthquakes. We know of the situation in Haiti, it has heightened the awareness of many citizens in the parish. So, we have been training persons on ways to protect themselves during an earthquake, as well as what they can do before and after an earthquake,” Mrs. Bradford-Britton said.
The Co-ordinator pointed out that preparation has started for the 2010 Hurricane Season. “The Parish Council along with other related agencies have started shelter inspections. We have re-visited our shelter managers’ listing. These are persons who will be responsible for the various shelters, if they have to be activated,” she explained.
Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer, told JIS News that estimates have been prepared for the cleaning of major drains in the parish, and that he expected work to be done to mitigate any flooding during the hurricane season.

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