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Executive Director of the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD), Ransford Wright, has said that members of the disabled community are overwhelmed with the recent development of personnel being trained to assist deaf persons to obtain their driver’s licences.
In an interview with JIS News today (March 23), the Executive Director said that the lives of one section of the disabled community have been made easier.
The sign language training programme is a collaboration among the Ministries of Labour and Social Security, National Security, and Transport and Works. It was launched on March 12, in Kingston.
The aim of the programme is to empower the staff of the Island Traffic Authority (ITA) and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), with the skills needed to effectively communicate with deaf persons, who will soon be able to apply for a driver’s licence.
“The community at large has given thumbs up to the Government for ensuring that the deaf has access to a driver’s licence,” the Executive Director said.
Allaying the fears of citizens, Mr. Wright said he is confident that the persons who will obtain their licences are capable and knowledgeable individuals.
“There is no need to fear, because the community has been sensitised over the years and is knowledgeable and has the capability to manage on the road,” he emphasised, adding that the JCPD has been working with deaf persons since its inception. ” I have been driven by deaf persons across the country personally, and have full confidence that they can manage,” he said.
Mr. Wright said that other members of the disabled community are in full support of this significant achievement. “The public has been giving their full support as well and so we all look forward to this wonderful accomplishment,” he said.
The Executive Director commended former State Minister of Labour and Social Security, Floyd Morris, for paving the way in this initiative, and called on members of the disabled community “to work closely with the Government, so that this can work and that their families and friends can benefit tremendously.”

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