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RISE Life Management Services' capacity-building and counselling programmes, aimed at uplifting inner-city youth, have been strengthened with a donation of some $2.2 million (US$25, 000) from United States-based charity, Jamaica Voluntary Association (JVA).

The presentation was made by Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JVA, Professor Donald Morgan, during a recent ceremony at RISE Life’s headquarters in downtown Kingston.

Executive Director of RISE Life, Sonita Abrahams, expressed gratitude for the donation. She said the money will assist in the continuation of the youth leadership and counselling initiatives, which were previously funded through the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP).

Minister of Education, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, who was in attendance, commended RISE Life on its service to inner-city youth.

"I admire what goes on at RISE,” he said, noting that the majority of the organisation's funding goes towards initiatives to benefit the young people.

Former Ambassador to the United States, Audrey Marks, hailed RISE for its contribution to nation building through its various programmes, which have impacted hundreds of vulnerable youth age 15 to 24 years.

These programmes, she said, in areas such as communication and mediation, environmental protection, entrepreneurship, and skills training, are geared towards empowering young people “to rise above their situations and surroundings and contribute to the sustainable development of their communities."

She also lauded the organisation’s use of the performing arts and sports in the delivery of programmes.

Jamaica 50 Pin Representative, Stephanie Steipel, was on hand to make a presentation of pins to Professor Morgan and his wife, to show appreciation for their dedication to their homeland.

RISE Life Management Services is a non-governmental organisation established in Jamaica in 1989 as Addiction Alert.  Over the years, the direction and focus of its programmes were reviewed and adjusted in order to meet the current needs of the young at-risk population in Jamaica, particularly those living in inner-city communities.

Services offered by RISE includes the prevention and treatment of addictive disorders; community-based health and education interventions in areas such as violence, drug, and HIV/AIDS prevention for at-risk youth and family members; remedial educational programmes; life skills training, parenting programmes, social and health related services; and HEART/NTA accredited vocational skills training.


Contact: Jodiann Reid & Toni-Ann Russell