JIS News

Representatives of the Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board in the United States have sent a message of congratulations to the newly formed Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Bruce Golding.Members of the Board have pledged to continue to work with the Government in strengthening relations between Jamaica and its Diaspora.
In the joint statement from the three regions in the USA, the members said that the “Jamaican Diaspora looked forward to partnering with the new Government in furthering the integration of the relationship between Jamaica and the Jamaicans living abroad.”The message further stated that the nationals intended to “continue the galvanization of one of Jamaica’s most valuable assets, its people, for the continued further development of Jamaica and for the benefit of Jamaicans, at home and abroad.”
The three regions in the USA comprise the Northeast, with Board member representative, Dr. Harold Mignott; Valerie Beckley and Marlon Hill, representing the Midwest/West, and the Southern USA, respectively.

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