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A Joint Select Committee of the House is to hear submissions today (January 28), from members of the Diaspora Advisory Board seeking to obtain greater autonomy for the Jamaican Diaspora.
Chairman of the Committee and Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Dr. Ronald Robinson, told JIS News that the meeting is expected to hear several key submissions, which would have far reaching implications for persons seeking to become representatives in Parliament.
“The meeting will be dealing with the whole issue of dual citizenship, the issue of voting rights for Jamaicans living overseas and Parliamentary representation, and so we’re expecting a lot from the Advisory Board members who are having their first Board meeting in Jamaica,” he disclosed.
Submissions will be made by the main Diaspora groupings in England, Canada and the United States of America.
Dr. Robinson said that the submissions made to the Joint Select Committee would not be treated with scant regard, since submissions made to Committees of Parliament do inform policy and help to form the core of Bills which eventually become laws of the land.
“So, whatever is said will be taken on very seriously and will be acted on with the greatest of expediency,” he noted.
Senator Robinson pointed out that after the submissions are made, a report would be prepared and presented to Parliament for further action.

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