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The Trelawny Health Department is undertaking a public education programme to sensitise residents about the importance of safe food handling, including treating drinking water, to prevent disease outbreak.
The programme, dubbed: ‘Environmental health and diarrheal diseases’, is being carried out across the parish, with emphasis on schools.
Chief Public Health Inspector for Trelawny, Elsa Sommerville, took the campaign to the monthly meeting of the parish council on Thursday (June 10), with an electronic presentation and lecture to councillors and officers.
In an interview with JIS News following the presentation, Ms. Sommerville explained that the campaign was a preventative measure and came against the background of the recent water shortage, where several breaches of the public health regulations were observed.
“Education is the key; when we know what to do to prevent it (diarrheal diseases), then we can do just that,” she stated.
Ms. Sommerville said that while there were a few cases of diarrhea in the parish, there was no outbreak of disease.

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