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The Ministry of Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Land and Environment and its agencies, will publish a developer’s manual to provide developers and potential investors with all the relevant information and time frames to plan and realistically cost their proposed structures. This comprehensive manual is to be published within the next four months.
Minister of Development, Dr. Paul Robertson, made this disclosure on Tuesday (Sept. 2) while updating journalists on the operations of the Regulations, Legislation and Process Improvement Project (Regs & Leg) Project. He informed that consultations with the Land and Environment Ministry as well as with entities in the building and construction industry had focused on a buildings approval process.
“The publication of this manual will also provide transparency and accountability in the operations of agencies and departments involved in the process,” the Minister said.
The consultations and the subsequent manual is just one in a series of initiatives being undertaken by government, through the Regs and Legs project, to remove the constraints faced by businesses in their interaction with the public sector, in order to attract investment and boost overall growth of the economy. The project, which was initiated by the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, was established in March, this year. It is complementary to existing initiatives such as the public sector reform and the business facilitation programmes, which are geared toward facilitating economic transformation and job creation, through enhancing productivity and efficiency in the public sector.
“The project remains a close liaison with the public sector reform unit and the business facilitation committee, in order to ensure that its work plan is in congruence with the approach and objectives of those other programmes,”
Dr. Robertson explained, adding, “this project aptly demonstrates the tremendous strides which can be achieved when the public and private sectors along with our international partners, work together as a team”.

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