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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Dr. Kenneth Baugh, has applauded Jamaicans overseas who remain motivated to contribute to the development of the country.
“I am very satisfied that the Diaspora is a very important and powerful resource for Jamaica, with great potential for technical help and financial assistance to Jamaica in terms of investment and energizing the investment process in Jamaica,” he told the House of Representatives in his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate on June 25.
He said the Diaspora’s dedication was demonstrated last week when some 700 Jamaicans, mainly from the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, gathered at the Third Biennial Diaspora Conference to review progress made, since the two first conferences and deliberated on some key issues that have implications for national development. These include economic growth and investment, education and crime and justice.
“The theme, ‘Borderless Partnership for Development,’ was a fitting theme as it symbolized the deep rooted ties that exist between Jamaicans who live abroad and those who live at home,” the Foreign Minister said.
Meanwhile, he assured that Jamaica would continue to be actively engaged in multilateral fora through participation in the United Nations system, the Commonwealth and other international bodies, to ensure that issues of interest to Jamaica remain high on the international agenda.
“The Commonwealth continues to have a cherished place in all multilateral activities, not least because of common historical interest which bind the 53 member countries and also the range of economic and technical co-operation for Jamaica in such areas as public sector management reform, trade negotiations, tourism planning and economic policy advice,” he said, emphasizing that Jamaica would continue to work with its Commonwealth partners to advance the fundamental political values of the organization as well as to support the efforts of member states to meet development objectives.

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